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About Me - Reva's Love


Hi, my name is Renee and welcome to my blog.

I created this blog to share a journey I recently embarked upon to turn an idea into a product. Sounds a bit crazy, right? I kinda feel that way.

I came up with a product idea a couple of years ago and put it on the back-burner mostly due to the fear. But now I am ready to give it a go, and I want to bring you along for the ride.

Being a woman who frequently travels for work, I found it challenging to find the perfect product for beauty on-the-go.

I was searching for a palette that housed the basics for eyes, cheeks, and lips. In addition to quality makeup, I wanted essential accessories such as brushes and a tweezer to be included. My makeup routine is pretty simple, so I thought, “How hard could it be to find these essentials?” Boy, was I wrong!

I was surprised to find there wasn’t a product on the market that truly matched my vision. After some complaining (okay, maybe it was a lot), my husband insisted I make my vision a reality.  

That’s how the concept for Reva’s Love was born. Well, actually, she was born a long time before this. Before going any further, let me tell you more about the name.

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The Name

The name Reva’s Love is a tribute to my late grandmother, Revalyn a.k.a Reva. She continues to be an inspiration and motivation in my life. I know if she were alive today she would be my biggest cheerleader, encouraging me along the way. She was a fighter and a go-getter.

Through Reva’s Love, I am the person I am today.

Okay, now we can talk more about the product called Reva’s Love.

Reva’s Love

Reva’s Love represents my opportunity to take control and fill a gap in travel makeup. My goal is to create an all-in-one palette not only perfect for travel, but also for everyday events. As women, our days are jam-packed with all sorts of events that may require a little touch-up here and there.

What’s better than having a sleek, compact palette that goes as you do? And to make it even better the palette is refillable and customizable.

Like most people today, the first place I went to for details on how to start this journey was the Internet. I searched “How to start a cosmetics line”, “How to manufacture cosmetics”, and “How to create your own makeup” – and the search list kept going.

I found sites that provided general information but lacked the details I wanted. At that point, I decided if I were to pursue this idea, I would need to create a blog to share the details my experience. And fast forward two years, and I finally did it… Introducing Reva’s Love: My Journey, My Life.

Note: Yes, I said “two years later.” I know the struggle can be real, but that dang fear might be the realist!

Reva’s Love – My Journey

When I decided to create a blog about this journey, it was most definitely about peer pressuring myself into doing what my heart desired, which was to create something and to share something. I wanted to, of course, bring my idea to life, but I also wanted to inspire others to make leaps of faith.

In My Journey, I will share the details and steps I am taking to build and launch a brand from the ground – the good, the bad, and the ugly. My posts will include topics exploring such things as market research and the patent process. Most of all, I hope by bringing you along with me, I can make a product that not only suits my needs but also yours.

Reva’s Love – My Life

The blog is broken down into two sections – My Journey and also My Life. My goal for My Life is to share experiences and learnings that fall into other categories such as health, beauty, and travel to name a few. I think it would only be fair for you also to get to know me, the person behind the magic. Ha! (Charming, aren’t I?). 


I am not sure how My Journey will end, but I know the only way to find out is to start.

Welcome to Reva’s Love – My Journey, My Life